About us

About us

Venice Luxury Services

Venice Luxury Services has a mission: to make all its guests fall gracefully in love with Venice. 

We make it by hosting our guests as if they were family, showing them how life really is in Venice, introducing them to real people as well as to the best craft experts in the city and by sharing with them 1500 years of history, in a most fascinating way.

Our secret is living in the middle of the Venetian social fabric and breathing the air of Saint Mark’s Square every single day.

Avivit Hagby aka Avi

I am blessed to have found what I love doing most – hosting! Walking through Venice is all but ordinary. The history of Venice should be told as a story, adding eating, drinking and overall having fun while at it.

Born and raised in Israel, I have a strong connection to Jewish history, and the one of Venice in particular. The love for wine (I’m a sommelier, phew!) is also one of the surpluses, and knowing practically everyone in town makes the tours with me special. 
A mother of two teens, my approach to kids and teens is particularly successful. After all, if kids aren’t interested, the experience for all the family is not the same. I have a special approach even for the tough and constantly bored ones.